Can pet urine odor be removed from oriental rugs?

Pet urine odor in oriental rugs is a very common problem and one problem that takes a true professional to resolve. Pet urine causes multiple problems in your rug. First, pet urine is warm and acidic and is quickly absorbed deep into the base of the rug. Once there, the urine will weaken the base of the rug and can cause damage and dry rot. Secondly, areas of an oriental rug that are contaminated by urine attract bugs and moths. Moths will then eat areas of the rug and cause irreversible moth damage. Thirdly, pet urine can cause permanent staining of the rug. Finally, pet urine on your oriental rug will cause an extremely unpleasant odor. These are the reasons why it is very important to take care of oriental rugs that are contaminated by pet urine as quickly as possible. We can guarantee 100% odor removal on oriental rugs using our urine soak technology. Not only will we guarantee there will be no odor. We will remove all the urine deposits that can cause so much damage to your rug. Just call us at 585-924-8440 to have us fix the urine issues on your oriental rug.